Damn I want an Ipad!

I’ve been excited about ebook readers for a few years and at some point in the future would like to try and convert my library to digital.  I’ve held off on the Kindle and Nook partly due to the immaturity of the ebook and I’m glad that I did.  I went by the apple store recently and played around with an Ipad.  Barring the release of something a great deal better within the next year or so, I’m going to purchase an Ipad and begin the process of getting rid of my paper books.

Why the Ipad  and not a Nook or Kindle?

For me it’s about versatility.  I like the Nook and Kindle, but when you put them next to the Ipad they just look silly.  I get that they are better as pure ebook readers, but I like the idea of holding a book sized object that can basically handle all media and browse the web.  I also enjoy reading comic books and magazines.  The Marvel app in particular is pure awesome.  When you read as much as I do and consider the wide variety of print material available, it’s better to have one device that does justice to them all.  Theoretically, at some point, students would be able to send me their work and I could again just read it all on the I pad. 

Forget carrying around text books, papers to grade, comics, magazines, novels, and laptops.  Once the Iphone OS4 rolls out and the price drops, I’m going with the Ipad.

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